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Wednesday October 26 , 2016
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Festivals & Events 2016

Golden Gate International Film Festival Click banner below to go to the Festival site / buy tickets and/or tables





Festival of Colors -




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The Network

Net Effect Media (NEMI) incorporated in 2000, is a California based Marketing and Distribution Company.

Marketing - Full Service Marketing support to several clients targeting all communities. Innovative strategies in line with client's objectives, approach, and execution in precision has given us the opportunity to partner with various Industry's ranging from Entertainment to Financial Services.

Film Distribution - NEMI offers a unique approach to the marketing and circulation of movies in Theaters and for Home viewing (DVD, Video-On-Demand, IPTV and TV Anywhere). The download market segment continues to expand in volume and NEMI provides partnership opportunities with select major media companies.

Our company is also responsible for the development & physical production of major media categories including DVD, Film, TV, and performing arts.

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